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Master Class Series

Master Class Seminar: Beyond Fitness

Go beyond merely getting fit and cause a breakthrough in your vitality, fitness, and well-being.

The intention of this Master Class Seminar, led by two of our most senior and distinguished leaders, is to cause a breakthrough in your vitality, fitness, and well-being.

For many of us, relating to fitness as a "concern" or something to "do" and "handle" has become a way of life. Some of us spend hours in the gym, eating health food, struggling through diets and combating past habits. Many of us relate to our bodies as vehicles for looking good, or as a set of problems to be managed. Yet, when we consider our bodies as an outward expression of ourselves, we are able to shape a physical reality consistent with the possibility of who we are.

An experience of energy and vitality is available when we're living at one with who we are. 

This ten-session seminar will explore a dimension beyond our habitual notions of fitness, where pressure and stress are handled gracefully and where our bodies serve as a full expression of continuing health, well-being, and ease. This is not a health, nutrition, or weight loss seminar, but a seminar whose outcome lives in the arena of possibility and breakthrough.