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Master Class Series

Master Class Series

As the name suggests, each of these 10-session seminars is led by two of our most senior and distinguished Leaders.

These special seminars are designed to bring you power and freedom in your current circumstances, and to produce dramatic breakthroughs that extend far beyond your current situations.
These programs offer our most powerful seminars and are delivered via Zoom, right in your own home. For the description and focus of each individual seminar and to register, click the seminars you are interested in.

Seminars occur in 10 evening sessions, usually during a three-month period. Each session is approximately 3 hours.

Master Class Seminar: Beyond Fitness

Go beyond merely getting fit and cause a breakthrough in your vitality, fitness, and well-being

Master Class Seminar: Sex and Intimacy

Discover a means of expressing the privilege of being with and giving yourself to another, and having that gift fully received.

Master Class Seminar: What's So

Experience expanded aliveness by discovering the miracle of what’s so versus what should be or what could have been

Master Class Seminar: Producing Breakthrough Results, Part 1: Effectiveness

Empower yourself to take on the challenges of being effective beyond what you had previously imagined possible

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